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Why You Should Buy a Horse Foaling Alarm for Sale to Monitor Your Pregnant Mare

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Some people dream of having a horse they can call their own, but for some individuals, one animal just isn't enough. Many people have ambitions to look after a full stable of healthy and happy horses, and while that sounds like a rewarding experience, it can be more than challenging. If you plan to raise mares, your work will likely start early in the morning and conclude late in the evening and you if you intend to train them, you'll need to allocate a significant portion of almost every day to the task. However, if you wish to breed your horses, it's essential to start studying maternal mare care sooner rather than later. It takes between 11 and 12 months for a mare to give birth to her foal, and the mother goes through lots of different and sometimes challenging changes in that time. You might start to notice that she wants to be left alone regularly, and she may display signs of irritability and frustration. Because such symptoms are entirely natural, you shouldn't let yourself worry, but it's vital to know how to act should your horse require it. Unfortunately, providing a pregnant mare with the care she needs requires almost continuous monitoring, which you can do remotely if you find a horse foaling alarm for sale. At Smart Foal, we recently released our cutting-edge and comprehensive horse foaling alarm app for breeders in Australia, and because of our system's effectiveness and affordability, it's popular in countries all over the world. Our transmitters are hardwearing and fasten to your horse's halter with a Velcro strap to eliminate the problems of damaged hardware and interference issues. You can monitor your mare's activity in real-time from up to 600m away, meaning when your mare wants to be left alone, or you need to relax, you can still keep a watchful eye on her. If you are new to the world of horse breeding, you might struggle to tell if your mare is pregnant because visible signs often don't appear until after the first few months. Below, this article details some of the clues that suggest your beloved family member will soon become a proud mother. Signs It's Time to Prepare for a New Arrival After a few months, you'll probably recognise the signs of a pregnant horse easily, but here's how to spot the signs of pregnancy in the first few months:
  • A Loss of Libido: When a mare is pregnant, she'll likely be unreceptive to a stallion's advances, so if that wasn't the story just a few weeks ago, she might already be pregnant.
  • Strange Shaking: Some people claim that a pregnant horse will only shake her neck and head and will avoid doing the same with her body to protect her unborn foal.
  • Tell-Tale Tummy: The most visible sign of pregnancy is a swollen abdomen, though in many cases, you might not be able to notice a difference until well into the pregnancy.
  • Friendliness: some veterinarians claim mares become more friendly/cuddle once they have successfully conceived.

Buy a Foaling Horse Alarm for Sale to Care for Your Mare

When your mare finally becomes pregnant, she’ll need all the help you can give her, and our horse foaling alarm system will help you provide the TLC she requires. Call us today if you want to buy our new, revolutionary horse foaling alarm for sale, and one of our friendly professionals will gladly provide further details