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The Benefits of Buying a Mare Foaling Alarm for Sale and Why You Need an Alert System

Mare and foal nuzzling.
If you have ambitions to be a successful horse breeder, whether you're trying to grow a family to occupy your stable or wish to help others become proud horse owners, you need to familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of mare care. Horses require attention throughout the day regardless of whether they're expecting to be proud mothers. However, while they're responsible for two animals during their 11 to 12-month pregnancy, you need to be ready to act should they ever require it – which they certainly will when it's time to give birth. Looking after a pregnant mare requires a lot of time, effort, and dedication, but the rewards make your investment more than worthwhile. You'll watch new life come into the world, and you'll either have a new addition to your paddock or make an aspiring horse owner ecstatic. While your horse is pregnant, she will need lots of food and love, vaccinations at the appropriate intervals, and she'll likely need monitoring 24 hours a day. Of course, nobody can glue their eyes to their mare around the clock – and neither should they for the horse's sake – and you don't have to if you purchase a mare foaling alarm. After 11 months, your mare could go into labour at any given moment, and it's vital to know that she has the second it happens. At Smart Foal, we've developed a new and easy-to-use foal alert system that notifies you of any changes in your horse's activity, such as if she starts to pace rapidly, breathe heavily, or lies down at an unusual time. By monitoring your mare from an early stage of pregnancy, you can use the app to get to know her regular activities, allowing you to take fast action whenever there’s an alarm or alert. Thanks to our new cost-effective yet highly comprehensive system, you can monitor your mare's wellbeing 24 hours a day without having to make a habitat for yourself in her paddock.

Why You Need a Smart Foal Alert System for Sale

If your pregnant mare is under stress or experiencing any issues that could affect the health of her or the unborn foal, you'll undoubtedly want to be able to act promptly, whether that means aiding or calling a veterinarian. However, because most horse's progress through pregnancy without issues provided they're in good shape, it's more important to receive an alert when she's nearing foaling. Our new alarm system for sale will keep you up-to-date with your mare's state, and it's fitted with numerous safeguards to ensure it remains functional. The transmitter attaches to the horse's halter with Velcro to ensure if the mare gets entangled, it can break away without causing itself an injury. The transmitter sends data to an app that you can access through your laptop, and the display shows graphs that let you monitor your horse's activity. If the transmitter fails, which is highly unlikely, you'll receive an alert right away. However, you can count on our system to raise the alarm when required so that you can provide your mare with the care it needs continuously.

Learn More about Our Mare Foaling Alarm for Sale

At Smart Foal, we researched and developed our product for over two years before making it available for sale to breeders in Australia and worldwide, and despite being affordable, it's more comprehensive and reliable than of the available alternatives. Call us today to find out how our foal alert system can benefit you.