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Empowering responsible breeders to protect their mares: THE SMART WAY.

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Smart Foal alarm successfully helps another foaling. New born foal being cleaned by it's mother.
“Another foal saved by the Smart Foal alarm, it took me 10 minutes to unlock a leg, my old alarm wouldn’t have gone off at all. I love my Smart Foal.” ​

– Sonya McNamara - New Zealand

“The Smart Foal monitor is so awesome and such a great company to deal with. Setup was a breeze!”

– Kerry Lynn Atherford - Canada

Peace of Mind

Smart Foal’s alarm system gives you insight into your mares behaviour. It lets you know when your mare stands up or lays down and you can check what else she has been doing anytime you like. 

Confidently monitor your mare with Smart Foal technology.

Dare to be Different

Unlike other alarms, Smart Foal is waterproof, stomp proof and rechargeable. By learning your mares patterns you might even be able to detect early signs of labour - before the alarm has a chance to go off.

Save Yourself

Invest in the best and save on vet bills, lost wages, get more sleep, and most importantly, be present at the birth so you can insure your foal makes it safely into the world.

Does Smart Foal Really Work?

Absolutely! BUT we don't pretend that it will capture every single birth. Why? Because it's simply not possible; no one can legitimately make that promise. No alarm can catch every single birth, for many reasons including: the mare doesn't lie down, flat batteries or owners ignoring the alarm.

What we do promise is to learn from every birth, every experience and all the feedback we receive to keep our product as advanced and accurate as possible.

Want An Alarm With Genuine Support?

Whether you want help getting started, want to talk about how Smart Foal can help you or want to provide feedback, we are here and we are listening. Our direct number is
+61 491 629 529

Smart Foal alarm successfully helps another foaling. New born foal being cleaned by it's mother.

Join Our Community

We have spent the last 5 years building up our friendly and supportive community, the Smart Foal VIP Club on Facebook. It's a place where all our customers can enjoy sharing their experiences, photos and learn tips and tricks from each other. There is always someone else online in your timezone who may be able to help you if you are stuck.

Engineered & Designed For Results

With years of experience in horse breeding and foaling, qualified biomedical scientist and electronic specialist, Aimee Nizette has brought biology and technology together. The result is a highly reliable foaling alarm system, designed to liberate owners from endless night watch and improve outcomes for mares/foals and breeders.


“I used Smart Foal for the first time last season. After 15+ years of always worrying about batteries and range, smart foals reliability was a breath of fresh air. Never failed, (78 foals born during season). Bring on next season!”

– Gael Murray - New Zealand

She stood to birth her so alarm didn’t sound. But looking at screen I could see something was different so I went out and there she was. Lucky as foal hadn’t sucked yet and Pearl didn’t know what to do so smartfoal saved the day again

– Linda Pierpoint - Australia

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