Monitor your mare – anytime, anywhere

Smart Foal is the world’s most advanced foal alarm using advanced sensors to alert you on your phone or your laptop.

Why Smart Foal?

Indestructible hardware

Indestructible, waterproof tracker with tear away velcro that will free your mare if she ever gets snagged.

Alarms and warnings

Alarms and warnings right on your phone alerting you of urgent events.

Longer range that most competitors

Long range reception with multiple ways of warning you should one method fail.

Small tracker

Our tracker is one of the smallest on the market which means you barely notice it and it does not get in the way.

Simple and reliable

A solution that is simple to setup and extremely reliable to use.

Six week battery life

Over six weeks of battery life using a rechargeable battery that you can always monitor for peace of mind.

Accessible from anywhere

Monitor your mare’s movements and activity from anywhere through your phone or laptop.

Multiple mares

Our app lets you monitor all your mares from one place.

How it works


Set up your Smart Foal account.


Connect to your WiFi network.


Mount the tracker on your mare.


Sit back and watch your mare’s activity.