What is Smart Foal?

Smart Foal is a revolutionary new way to monitor your mare. It includes a small transmitter that attaches to the mares halter and a WiFi base station with a siren in it. It operates like a traditional alarm - and sets off an alarm when your mare lies down; but it also streams data continuously to the cloud. Our server processes the data and delivers it to your account where you can view a live graph of your mares activity, get alarms and setup alerts. You are able to check what your mare is doing at any time.
That way you can see for yourself if she is agitated, resting or in early labour.
Smart Foal

Market leading range

600m (1900ft) range with clear line of sight. Our customers tell us Smart Foal dramatically out performs their previous alarms.

Waterproof and hoof proof transmitters

Our transmitters are fully sealed in epoxy. That means your mares can't kill them; no matter how hard they try.

LONGEST battery life!

From 10 days up to 6 weeks battery life depending on which version of transmitter you purchase.
You will even get a reminder to recharge the battery when it gets low.

Monitor multiple mares

Connect as many transmitters to your account as you like! We have tested 30 simultaneously with out problems.

What about getting alarms while I am away?

Smart Foal has you covered. By using instant messaging you can receive alarms through a WiFi network or through the phone network - which ever is available.

How easy is Smart Foal to setup?

Setup your account

Connect the Smart Foal Base Station to your WiFi network

Mount the Smart Foal transmitter on your mares halter

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