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Most foaling alarms will detect around 80% of foalings. 
With Smart Foal you will detect 90 – 95% of foalings AND we make regular improvements to the app. When the alarm goes off, simply look at the app to see if the mare is sleeping or in labour.

Another foal saved by the Smartfoal alarm, it took me 10 minutes to unlock a leg, my old alarm wouldn't have gone off at all, I love my Smartfoal. ​
Sonya McNamara
New Zealand


Smart Foal provides lying down alarms, low battery alarms and even an alarm in the event the mare goes out of range – reducing your risk of missing a birth. Built tough in Australia, our transmitters are waterproof and stomp-proof.

I used Smartfoal for the first time last season. After 15+ years of always worrying about batteries and range, smart foals reliability was a breath of fresh air. Never failed, (78 foals born during season). Bring on next season!
Gael Murray
New Zealand


Use the hardware alarm to wake you up just like the other alarms you have tried.  Then setup your webapp account and phone alarms or get us to do all the setup for you!

The smart foal monitor is so awesome and such a great company to deal with. Setup was a breeze!
Kerry Lynn Atherfold

Save Money

Your Smart Foal alarm only needs to save one foal and it pays for itself! More live births saves you vet fees, repeat service and collection fees.

Save Time

Go about your normal day knowing Smart Foal is watching over your mares. Catch up on what they have been doing at any time by viewing your mares history in the webapp.

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