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The smart way to monitor your mares

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Engineered & Designed For Results

With years of experience in horse breeding and foaling, qualified biomedical scientist and electronic specialist, Aimee Nizette has brought biology and technology together. The result is a highly reliable foaling alarm system, designed to improve the lives of horse owners and stud managers.

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Peace of Mind

Smart Foal’s alarm system gives you assurance by letting you know when your mare stands up or lays down.  Confidently monitor your mare with Smart Foal technology.

The Best Possible Care

The Smart Foal System may be used in conjunction with your equine veterinarian or highly experienced foaling attendant to keep a close eye on the mare during the foaling process.

Joyful Outcomes

The wonderful expectation of a new foal coming into the world is a joyous time. Smart Foal’s design and reliability allows you to be present for birth of your foal.


Smart Foal alarm transmitter

Mare transmitter

A small transmitter attaches to your mares halter and sends motion data back to the base station in your house.

Smart Foal monitor

Base station

The base station sits in your house and sets off an ear piercing alarm if your mare lies down. It also uploads all your mares data to the Smart Foal server.


Need more range? Have difficult terrain? Or foal down numerous mares simulatenously? A repeater improves the system range, eliminates black spots and increases reliability.

Featured products

Bundle and save!

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One of our most popular kits and includes a discount!
Monitor 2 mares simultaneously


Smart Foal alarm successfully helps another foaling. New born foal being cleaned by it's mother.
“Another foal saved by the Smart Foal alarm, it took me 10 minutes to unlock a leg, my old alarm wouldn’t have gone off at all. I love my Smart Foal.” ​

– Sonya McNamara - New Zealand

“The Smart Foal monitor is so awesome and such a great company to deal with. Setup was a breeze!”

– Kerry Lynn Atherford - Canada

“I used Smart Foal for the first time last season. After 15+ years of always worrying about batteries and range, smart foals reliability was a breath of fresh air. Never failed, (78 foals born during season). Bring on next season!”

– Gael Murray - New Zealand

She stood to birth her so alarm didn’t sound. But looking at screen I could see something was different so I went out and there she was. Lucky as foal hadn’t sucked yet and Pearl didn’t know what to do so smartfoal saved the day again

– Linda Peirpoint


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