What is Smart Foal?

Smart Foal is a revolutionary new way to monitor your mare. It includes a small transmitter that attaches to the mares halter and a WiFi base station with a siren in it. It operates like a traditional alarm - and sets off an alarm when your mare lies down; but it also streams data continuously to the cloud. Our server processes the data and delivers it to your account where you can view a live graph of your mares activity, get alarms and setup alerts. You are able to check what your mare is doing at any time.
That way you can see for yourself if she is agitated, resting or in early labour.
Smart Foal

Why do you need a foal alarm anyway?

Most mares foal between 11pm and 3am. This is to give the foal the best chance of survival; it’s much harder for predators to find the foal at night. Of course, the mares don’t seem to care that they are being looked after by humans in their nice enclosure, paddock or stable. They are hardwired to foal at night.

Most of us have day jobs.  Let’s be honest, staying up all night waiting for your mare to foal is a lot of fun… for the first night. Then the novelty of it really starts to drop. Many of us have jobs, errands to run, kids to get to school. We need to be there when the foal is born, but we also need to function!

Outsourcing makes your life easier.  We all want to be there when our mare is in labour but it’s exhausting and, really, who has the time to dedicate to constant foal watch? Though you may not realise it, your time is money. If you miss work due to sleep deprivation, or can’t perform your usual daily tasks on the farm, you are in fact loosing money. Using a foaling alarm allows your mare to be monitored around the clock and you only need to be notified when ‘something’ happens.

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Why should you consider Smart Foal?

Smart Foal is the only alarm that can spot and display pain! This action is strongly linked to contractions! This feature is being rolled out in 2019!

Smart Foal is more than a foaling alarm. We can detect more than just “lying flat”.  About 80% of mares lie flat when in labour – the rest sit up sternally (or occasionally stand).  Our detection method is so sensitive that we can detect around 95% of foalings.

We have a live activity monitor. By providing you with a view and history of your mares behaviour you can learn what “normal” is. This is not just useful for birth, but our customers also use Smart Foal for monitoring colic, post-partum bleeds, after dystocia, uterine ruptures, pre/post surgery, placentitis, lethargic foals and malnourished horses who are too weak to stand after lying down.

Ongoing updates. Because of the way our system is designed we can roll out updates easily and without any effort from our users. How does this help you? We regularly update our lying down detection – making it more likely you’ll be present when your mare is in labour. While the web app currently looks for signs of “labour” we can actually move into any other activity-related field we want using all the same hardware.

In addition to the benefits listed above, we also offer:

Market leading range

600m (1900ft) range with clear line of sight. Our customers tell us Smart Foal dramatically out performs their previous alarms.

Waterproof and hoof proof transmitters

Our transmitters are fully sealed in epoxy. That means your mares can't kill them; no matter how hard they try.

LONGEST battery life!

From 10 days up to 6 weeks battery life depending on which version of transmitter you purchase.
You will even get a reminder to recharge the battery when it gets low.

Monitor multiple mares

Connect as many transmitters to your account as you like! We have tested 30 simultaneously with out problems.

What about getting alarms while I am away?

Smart Foal has you covered. By using instant messaging you can receive alarms directly on your phone through a WiFi network or through the phone network - which ever is available.

How easy is Smart Foal to setup?

Setup your account

Connect the Smart Foal Base Station to your WiFi network

Mount the Smart Foal transmitter on your mares halter

Ready to monitor your mare like never before?  SHOP NOW!

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