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The Smart Foal difference

Smart Foal is a real time monitor and alarm system that allows you to stay in touch with your mares while you get on with life.

How does it work?

Attach a small transmitter to your mares halter.
The transmitter on the mare continuously sends motion data to the base station in your house.

Base Station

Our base station has a built in siren that will activate when your mare lies down. You can turn on and off at the box, or by using the app.
The base station also uploads your mares movements to the app.

Stay in contact

Get a live stream of your mares movements on your phone or computer.

Critical alarms

Set up and receive critical alarms on your phone. Our critical alarms override your settings including volume and mute so that you never miss another alarm (critical alarms will not work if your phone is turned off or dead flat).

Why Smart Foal?

Midnight births

Up to 80% of mares give birth in the middle of the night, 11pm - 3am. Although you might have an approximate due date, horses don't care. The foal will be born when it's ready. That could be from 320 days to 432 days gestation. Imagine sitting up all night for 3-4 months waiting for your foal to be born? It's madness. Even if you wait for your mare to bag up you could still be waiting another 2-3 weeks (especially with a maiden mare).

There has to be a better way

Smart Foal provides a real time monitor AND alarm so you can be alerted to your mare when she is lying down or in labour but you can also open the app and check her anytime in between.

Don't settle

Smart Foal has been the market leader in foaling technology for 6+ years. We developed and introduced the first offline indicator, we were the first to bring out an app and we are the ONLY alarm that gives you a live feed of your mares motion activity.

P.S. other foaling alarms are trying to copy us so we must be doing something right.

No more missed foalings

With critical alerts, the hardware alarm and pushover integration there is no reason to miss any more births. Even if the mare goes out of range we have an alarm for that too!

Smart Foal alarm transmitter

Toughened transmitters

Waterproof, stomp proof and 4 - 6 weeks battery life with the newer transmitters.

New app features

New features and widgets are regularly in development and released for our customers to use.


After extensive research into what we wanted out of a breeding alarm, it was no question when we found smart foal for our P.R.E stud. The sales and after sales support has been exceptional and the alarm gave us the ability to be in control through the foaling season, by having advanced features in the app and being able to track what the mares are doing. We found the graph of high value as we tracked the usual patterns of the mares, and so when they were foaling it was a lot easier to catch them instead of losing a lot of sleep with a manual system. I really liked the mobile notifications for us, as I was able to set it to vibrate and not wake the household. In the instance wifi wasn't going to work, it's great to have the main base manual option as well. Most definitely worthy of the investment to any farm small or large.~ Rebeka @ Bezaryn (Australia)

Rebeka @ Bezaryn

We are definitely happy to give a good word for the system, It saved both mares and foals last season, both maidens and both needed assistance. The first colt was trying to come out rectally and the other was too big for his mum to do on her own. This season we had a mare who doesn’t lay down. So we were able to track behaviour.The app really is invaluable for when you need to go offsite and be able to keep an eye on things. An added bonus is being able to utilise the system for colic horses. Which you always hope not to have to do! 

Jess and John Preece, Arreton Arabians

Here at Ironhorse Appaloosa StudWe usually foal down around 15 mares a season. We have been using smartfoal now for around 5 years and never missed a foaling. Aimee is so helpful when I get a glitch which I usually do as I’mhopeless in technology, but she always helps me out. I would never contemplate foaling season without it. 

Linda Pierpoint - Ironhorse Appaloosas

Quick Questions

Can I talk to someone about my needs?

Of course! Use our contact form or give us a call on +61 491 629 529.

Do I have to replace the batteries?

No. We use rechargeable batteries. They need to be charged every 4 months or so (even in the years you have no foals) to maintain their life.

How long do the batteries last?

The battery should last 4-6 weeks when it's on a mare. As long as you follow our recharging instructions you of charging every 4 months or so, the batteries should last 7-10 years.

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