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Buy a Foaling Monitor for Sale to Provide Your Mares with the Care They Need

Foal using it's mothers hay as a bed.
Looking after horses can be a dream come true for some people, with many of the world's youngsters having ambitions to maintain a full stable of their own when they become adults. While it's true that raising animals can be rewarding for countless reasons, it's important to remember that keeping horses healthy and happy can be hard work, and doing so might take up a lot of your time. Nevertheless, if you're an animal lover and have enough time to dedicate to your animals, you could enjoy a long and indescribable bond with each of your horses. You might even plan to breed your horses to bring new family members into your stable or sell to another aspiring horse owner, but that means you need to learn the ins and outs of maternal mare care. Horses go through various stages of pregnancy, which lasts over 11 months, and they depend on you to provide them with the care they need. Unfortunately, you can't keep a watchful eye on your paddock 24 hours a day, which means you need a foaling monitor that lets you watch them remotely. However, it's crucial to buy a foaling monitor that won't let you down, whether it's due to interference issues or being stomped upon accidentally. Here at Smart Foal, we've developed an innovative new system to help you care for your pregnant mares around the clock right up until pregnancy. You'll hear alarms and receive notifications when your mare's activity changes and you'll know if your horse is in distress or requires attention. The transmitter, which attaches to your horse's halter, is highly stomp-proof thanks to being made with high-grade materials, and thanks to its Velcro strap, it will never cause any harm to your beloved animal. We're just as passionate about ensuring mares and foals live happy lives as you are, which is why we've detailed some top care tips below.

How to Look After Pregnant Mares – and How Our Foaling Monitor for Sale Can Help

Whether your newborn foal will be an addition to your family or go to another owner who wishes to raise happy and healthy horses, you'll fill with joy when your mare gives birth. Here are a few ways to ensure she remains in good health during pregnancy:
  • Diet: For the first seven or eight months, your mare may require no additional food to keep herself and her baby healthy, but she'll need to increase her calorie intake by 20% during the run-up to giving birth.
  • Vaccinations: Your horse may need vaccinations against the Equine Herpes Virus five, seven and nine months into pregnancy to prevent a miscarriage. She will also require injections shortly before giving birth to protect the foal. Tetanus and Hendra may be an issue depending where you live. And, of course, worming your mare prior to her giving birth can protect the mare and the foal.
  • Care: It's a good idea to monitor your mare's activity so that you can give her immediate attention if necessary, and if you buy our foaling monitor for sale, you can do just that easily.
Contact Smart Foal to Learn More about the New Foaling Monitor Our mare monitoring system lets you observe your horse's activity from up to 600m away, depending on your terrain, and it's equipped with safeguards to ensure it remains functional continuously and notifies you if problems arise. Call our friendly professionals today to learn more about how our foaling app for sale can help you take care of your mare.