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Smart Foal Magic

Like other foaling alarms, Smart Foal primarily works by detecting the mares orientation and activity. It sets off a local siren on the base station if the mare lies down and has a mute button to silence the alarm for 15 minutes.

Unlike other foaling alarms, Smart Foal ALSO uploads all your mares' data to the cloud where it gets processed and displayed in our App.


Turn the transmitter on and mount it on your mare’s halter. The transmitter uses a radio wave (not WiFi) to send information to the base station in your house. The range can be up to 600m in “ideal” conditions (cleared, flat, open, no buildings, drought conditions, no trees or hills). A more realistic guide is 200 – 300m (with scattered trees, nearby garden beds, small slopes). Canvas pouches for the transmitter are sold separately.