Smart Foal will be closed from the 17th of Feb to the 24th of Feb. No orders will ship during this time. Please order at least 1 month before your mare is due. If you want express post CHOOSE express post during checkout. Do not write express post in order notes and expect it to do anything.


What is the range of the Smart Foal Home system?

Generally speaking you should expect around 200m on an 'average' stud. Average means some sheds/horse shelters, scattered trees, a slight slope and some metal fencing. We've attained 600m range in a large open paddock during a drought - but we've found very few people live in these conditions.

The worst range we've seen is deep in a valley with many sheds/stables, machines, earth moving equipment, floats and vehicles nearby the transmission field between the mares/house - 50m.

If you have a shelter in the mares yard then the range will likely be limited to the location of the shelter, that is, the signal will disappear when the mare is behind the shelter.

Does the Smart Foal alarm work with any WiFi router?

No. There is a known issue with "smart" modems. These types of routers can switch from the primary network (NBN, ADSL, cable etc) to the cellular network during a failure. An example is the Telstra Smart Modem.

To get them to work you need to log in to your router and split the networks or turn off the 5.8GHz network.

There is another issue with vodafone. We have work-around code but it's not as stable as the normal code. It is available for anyone who has no other option but to use the vodafone network.

Transmitter care

The transmitters contain a lithium ion battery. These batteries do NOT like sitting around unused.

Remember to charge and discharge them 2-3 times per year to ensure that the chemicals remain healthy. Once charged the transmitters will hold their charge for about 4 months in storage. They will NOT remain charged for a full year. They need to be charged/discharged in the OFF season as well.

Since they have a certain amount of natural discharge you can skip turning them on to discharge after the recharge, but you MUST charge them every 4 months.

Recharge in December, April and August each year and your transmitters will last many, many years.

If I buy a Home kit now can I add more transmitters later?

Yes of course. All our transmitters are compatible with each base station no matter when you purchase them. The base station can handle up to 20 transmitters at a time.


The transmitters have Velcro in them to attach to a halter. The Home and Bundle & save kits do not come with pouches. You are able to purchase them separately if you wish. The Professional packs DO come with pouches included. 

Pouches are considered disposable, they do not come with any warranty.

The Velcro in the transmitters are weak enough to tear if you mare gets caught in a fence (instead of breaking the mares neck) therefore the velcro in the transmitters also have no warranty.

Do I need WiFi in my paddocks?

No. The transmitters fitted to the mares use a different signal (longer range than WiFi) to connect to the base station. The base station that sits in your house uses WiFi to upload your mares data to the Smart Foal server.

How much is postage?

Standard postage is FREE worldwide for orders over $200.

Express post is extra. You can check this in the checkout cart.

Can I use a hotspot for the base station?

Technically yes you can turn on your hotspot and connect the base station to it, but when you leave home you'll have your phone with you and then your base station will get disconnected and the app/alarms won't work anymore.

We would recommend a cheap broadband dongle to anyone who doesn't normally have WiFi at home but wants to use the app and remote features of Smart Foal.

How do I avoid ordering during the peak season when stock is low?

Peak season runs from July to October each year. Ordering outside these times ensures you can order when there isn't a queue.


Please test your system outside of the peak season to check if you need any repairs. Fitting in repairs around shipping hundreds of units is challenging and unnecessary if you just take the time to test it before July.
Make sure you fill in our repair request here or print and send this form with your repair.

How do I turn the transmitter on/off?

Hold the on/off switch circle on the transmitter over the corresponding circle on the base station and wait for the blue light to turn on.

To turn the transmitter off - repeat the same process and wait for the blue light to turn off.

The on/off circle should be directly beneath the charging jack. If it's not, remove the sticker and turn it around the correct way.

How do I contact customer support?

You can call us on +61 491 629 529.

Do you ship to my country?

We have shipped to many locations in the world. We currently have customers in New Zealand, Canada, USA, England, Ireland, France, Denmark, Sweden and South Korea.

Do you have a distributor in my country?

We currently don't have any distributors. All sales come through the Smart Foal main office.

If you know of a reseller in your country who would be a good fit for selling Smart Foal products please have them get in touch with us. 

Do I need to turn the transmitter on for it to work?