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Buying a birth alarm for your horse could be the best investment you make. Research the various options and find the one that suits you

Mare wearing a smart foal alarm, bonding and sniffing her new born foal.

Are You Looking for the Best Foal Alert System for Sale? Buy Smart Foal.

A strong, healthy foal is the goal of every breeder. Still, foaling a mare is rarely stress free. As soon as insemination has succeeded, and a scan confirms a mare's pregnancy, problems can arise. Ensuring that the expectant mother is well vaccinated against influenza and tetanus, and watching her diet so that overweight issues don’t cause complications, is still relatively simple. You'll want to give extra attention, however, to problem cases such as maiden mares, mares with a history of dystocia or placentitis.

Before the birth becomes imminent, you should consider looking for a foaling alert for sale. Browsing the Internet, you're likely to find a multitude of devices. Most of these require a vet to suture a transmitter outside the mare's vulva, which will send you an alarm in case "anything unusual" occurs, but is that enough? What if the foal has contracted tendons? If the mare is in trouble a sutured alarm will never tell you this! You want to buy a foal alert system that delivers useful data, so that you won't rush to the pregnant mare when she doesn't really need you.

Know precisely what the mare does when the Smart Foal alert goes off. At Smart Foal, you'll find an equine alert system for sale that sends you detailed and real-time activity data, so you'll know just what is going on. Two years of research and development have gone into our device which contains a long-range transmitter. The intelligent 3D motion sensing technology inside the transmitter is one the elements which make the Smart Foal alert so powerful. Your vet doesn't need to suture it either, as it simply fits to the mare's halter. It's waterproof and stomp-proof too. The other element which makes our foaling alert stand out is our Smart Foal Web app. We include access to this flexible and versatile program when you buy Smart Foal. It collects all the data, processes them and recognises patterns. Any ensuing alarm will let you know exactly what is happening. Has the first stage of labour started, or is your mare just taking a lie down? You'll have the answer without needing to go outside.

We're continually working on this app to improve it. Your software will be automatically updated, offering you even more functionality. If you have more than one problem mare at the same time, or just if you want to monitor every pregnant mare in your stable, you can buy one or more with our Bundle and Save Kits. Such a kit contains an extra transmitter and a second charging cable. Since each transmitter in a Smart Foal alert kit has its unique ID, you can enter the name of every mare, making it easy to stay updated on how they all fare. Connect more than 20 transmitters on one Wi-Fi-station for ultimate peace of mind. You won't need to get out of bed in the middle of the night anymore for no reason at all. You won't have to drop everything while you're at work somewhere else because you've received a wrong signal. You'll know when the exact moment has arrived to assist with the delivery.