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Buy Birth Alarm Horse For Sale

Mare wearing a smart foal alarm; sniffing her new foal.

We Offer Birth Alarm Systems, Buy your Horse a Smart Foal!

The final weeks of your favourite mare's 11 months gestation are the toughest, not so much for her perhaps. You admit she's becoming a bit cranky and restless, but in general, she takes her pregnancy with her usual calmness.

Your own nerves, however, are getting the better of you. After all, one out of seven gestations ends up in premature abortion. Even if your vet regularly examines the mother-to-be, and she's well-vaccinated, things can go wrong. As the moment of birth draws near, most of all, you'd want to stay with your mare night and day, to make sure that she fares well. Sadly, there's the real world outside the stable too, job, better half, children and friends. They understand the situation, but you cannot ignore them. Stay alert with a Smart Foal birth alarm for your horse.

The birth is only days away, and your horse gives you clear signs that she wants to be left alone. It’s not the moment to stand stricken and heart-broken because she doesn't seem to trust you anymore. Now the time has come to decide to buy a Smart Foal birth alarm for your horse. With a birth alarm system, your horse can go and stay where she pleases, undisturbed. If she wishes to be outside, together with her friends, she can do so too.

If you are looking for a birth alarm solution for your horse, don't hesitate to choose Smart Foal. We have spent the necessary research and development to design an alarm that keeps track of simply everything. The transmitter contains state-of-the-art 3D motion sensing technology which sends data to a Wi-Fi base station where the data is then uploaded to the cloud; which means you can access your data from anywhere. You'll find the transmitter is simple to attach to the mare's halter under her chin. It is quite sturdy, and can easily take a stomp or a splash of water. Your mare won't notice the transmitter, and at the same time, you have the receiver to keep a constant eye on her.

Find our Smart Foal Kit for sale on our website, or our Bundle and Save Kit which offers an extra transmitter and a second charging cable. Both kits include unlimited access to our excellent Smart Foal web app, immediately updated wherever you are As soon as you buy and install the Smart Foal birth alarm for your horse, our app will keep you continuously and reliably updated on all relevant data in real time. Even while you're on your job far away, you'll know it if she's only taking a little nap, if she's rolling or pacing, or if she's kicking at her belly. The app's graphs are clear and straightforward; you won't miss a thing. It also shows the remaining battery life in the transmitter, so that you don't forget to charge it. Whether you're at the job, somewhere shopping, asleep in bed, it doesn't matter. When your mare's foal is finally on its way, the long-expected alarm will go off, and thanks to the Smart Foal birth alarm for your horse, you'll be ready.