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Buy Smart Foal, the Best Foal Alarm and App for Sale

3 young foals running through a paddock.

Losing a foal is terrible for any horse breeder. It's even worse when its mare dies too. The best safeguard against such a loss is to have someone present when an expectant mare is about to deliver. Sometimes all it takes to save a foal is to be there to break the amniotic sac. Research and statistics show however that approximately 90% of mares foal between 6 pm and 6 am. That's when you're lying in bed after a busy day!

There's a German saying that the foal picks the date, but the mare chooses the hour. It makes sense because at night, she's undisturbed, and she can follow her natural instincts. A foal's birth in the middle of the night is still no problem if you employ a full-time foaling attendant or a watchman. However, if your stables are relatively small, you do most of the work without any help. Then the imminent birth may turn your dreams into nightmares. Don't lose sleep over foaling. Buy the Smart Foal kit with App.

You don't want to lose sleep, but neither do you want to lose time, spending hours on the Internet, looking for a foaling app for sale that is at least as trustworthy and reliable as a watchman. One alarm stands out, not only because of its excellent transmitter, but also thanks to its splendid foal app: Smart Foal. Smart Foal provides round the clock surveillance of your expectant mare and will inform you of any activity. Smart Foal's intelligent 3D motion-sensing transmitter attaches to the mare's halter under the chin. She won't notice it at all.

Mishaps may occur, but the device is robust enough to take a bump, and is waterproof too. As soon as the transmitter is switched on, it will send its data to your Wi-Fi-base station, which in turn will upload these to the Internet—where the Smart Foal app comes into play.  After processing the data it receives, the Smart Foal App recognises many forms of discomfort. Is your mare calm, content and eating? You'll know it. Is she taking a nap? The app keeps you up-to-date. If she's rolling and pacing, the Smart foal app will warn you.

There’s also no need the check the transmitter's battery—you'll receive a signal when its power is getting low. After a recharge, you can monitor your mare for another six weeks. You don't need to buy the Smart Foal Web App either. Access to it is included free in the Smart Foal Kit or the Bundle and Save Kit which is for sale in our online shop. The kits aren't expensive, especially considering what they offer, but if you want, you can purchase them with lay-buy. Spread the total cost over a maximum of six months. So, while you’re enjoying your well-deserved sleep, Smart Foal will keep an eye open for you.