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Buy Smart Foal, the Best Engineer-Designed Foaling Alarm for Sale

Mare yawning standing beside a cute black foal

It's impressive how much at ease a human and a beloved domestic animal can be when they're together. Exceptions exist, however. A mare can be a wonderful friend, but as soon as she's in foal, she can show surprisingly instinctive reactions. Suddenly she's much more cautious; foaling puts her in a highly vulnerable situation. Those in the know, suspect that a mare can delay her foal's birth until she feels undisturbed and at ease. That moment is very often the middle of the night.

A wide range of phenomena can signal the commencement of the delivery. However, some of these signals are barely perceptible to us humans. You cannot stay awake every night just to be present when your mare is about to give birth. Technology in the 21st century has progressed so far that some computer programs are more reliable than our own senses.

So, when a foal is due in less than six weeks, instead of relying on sheer luck, buy a foaling alarm. Have you found the Foaling alarm kits from Smart Foal for sale online? Then don't hesitate!

A high-tech foaling alarm and app

Buy a foaling alarm from Smart Foal for its powerful long-range transmitter, its receiver, and its highly intelligent app that analyses the data it receives into signals you can interpret without error. This device will diligently monitor your mare. If anything goes wrong, you'll be the first to know. If all goes well - the only thing you need to do is prepare for the delivery.

Whether your mare will give birth in a foaling stall, or in the open pasture, gather everything you'll need in a sturdy box. When the day - or usually the night - has arrived, the foaling alarm will rouse you from sleep. Now starts the worst part of the pregnancy, because a multitude of problems can occur. Relax though! If you are quick to recognise them, they won't be a challenge.

Complications that won't be complicated

The foal can emerge but remain encased in its amniotic sac. While remove the young one from this death trap, you'll consider it wise that you bought our foaling alarm.

Red Bag

Should the placenta be delivered before the foal, cutting it, and pulling the foal out as fast as possible is all it takes to increase its chances of survival. It’s not uncommon for the mare's placenta to not come out entirely, and she may need a little bit of help, but you'll be with her. Malpositioning looks scary too, and you'll grab your phone right away to call your veterinarian for help. However, sometimes if you get the mare up and walking, the problem may correct itself. In such an event, your vet will smile and commend you for keeping a cool head. You may silently congratulate yourself too that you found our foaling alarm for sale. More serious dystocia will require manoeuvring of the foal by yourself, your vet or both to correct it. The worst may always happen, you may lose both mare and foal, but with your foaling alarm in place and doing its work, the chances are drastically reduced.