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Buy a Foaling App for Sale to Monitor Maternal Behaviour Remotely

Mare grazing, foal yawning.
Horses go through various stages of pregnancy before giving birth after 11 to 12 months, and it's crucial to provide the right care to ensure a healthy foaling. You might be able to tell when your mare is approaching labour due to signs such as an enlarged udder and dripping beads of wax from the teat. However, udders can shrink back to near original size during the daytime when your horse is active, and not all mares secrete a waxy substance before giving birth. Some behavioural signs can give away a mare that's within days of foaling, but you can't monitor or remain close your horse 24 hours a day, and they save the best indicators for when you are watching them. Fortunately, technologies such as transmitters and radios can help horse owners monitor their mares remotely, and they're high-value because you can use them time and time again. However, a common problem with many models concerns interference, especially when the horse lies down. You need a device that guarantees to remain functional and provides comprehensive data relating to your mare's activity, and you need to find a provider that takes measures to prevent its transmitters from sustaining damage or experience signal problems. At Smart Foal, we spent two years developing our cutting-edge foaling app, which lets you monitor your mare's activity around the clock. The transmitter collects data for the app to make sense of and display in an easily-to-read format on your laptop or device, letting you know when your horse is pacing, laying down or otherwise acting out of character. The transmitter fastens to the mare's halter with a Velcro strap, ensuring that horses can break away should they ever become entangled. Plus, thanks to being manufactured with high-grade materials, it can stand up to tremendous pressure, making it highly stomp-proof.

Why You Should Buy a Foaling App for Sale

By purchasing our new monitoring system, you can secure peace of mind regarding your mare's well-being always, and in the unlikely event that something prevents the transmitter from functioning, the app will notify you immediately so that you can take fast action. The app presents data from the transmitter on your laptop screen in the form of a graph, where spikes represent changes in your horse's activity. You can disable the alarm feature when the mare is sleeping, and even if the app fails at the critical moment, you still won’t miss a thing because you also receive email notifications. If you look at getting our foaling app, you'll benefit from being able to quickly tell when your horse is agitated, pacing around the stable or in any distress. Plus, even though the transmitter is hardwearing, long-lasting, entirely safe and comprehensive, it's one of the most competitively priced solutions on the market. Learn More about Our Revolutionary Foaling Web App We're passionate about the industry we serve and have injected our years of training, experience, and research into developing a monitoring system that won't let you down. Plus, because it's an app, we can upgrade, update, and improve it continuously without you having to invest in a new system. If you want to find out more about our products or buy a foaling app for sale, don't hesitate to contact one of the friendly professionals at Smart Foal.