Smart Foal

Professional Pack Medium

$1,999.00 $2,360.00

Do you foal down outside mares? Are you mares/foals high value or high risk?
Then the Smart Foal Professional Pack is for you! 

The Professional Pack Small gives you 4 transmitters, the latest generation WiFi base station and a REPEATER! Sheds, barns, stables, machinery and poor reception are no longer an issue!

Included in the Medium pack is:

  • 1 x WiFi base station
  • 4 x Mare mounted transmitters
  • 1 x Repeater
  • 1 x 5v Power pack 
  • 1 x 9v Power pack
  • 4 x canvas pouches
  • All cables and antennas that you need to get started.

By purchasing the professional pack you save $361 compared to buying the products separately!

The latest WiFi base station includes:

  • Improved lying down detection. We have moved the extra sensitive detection method in the webapp into the HOME base so now the hardware alarm is just as sensitive.
  • Offline mare detection.  If your mare goes out of range, or breaks out of her paddock, the hardware alarm will “chirp” and let you know.
  • Automatic override if your internet goes down. Have the HOME base set to Auto so that you normally get alarms through the app or on your phone, but if your internet goes down the hardware alarm can detect that and turn itself on – so if your mare lies down the alarm will still activate.
  • MUTE button! Our mute button is not like any other sleep button you have seen before. Our Mute button ONLY silences the alarm for the one mare who activated it in the first place. What does this mean for you? Well if one mare lies down to have a big sleep and you hit mute the alarm will stop sounding for 15 minutes. She can get up, down and fidget as much as she wants, the alarm will stay off; BUT if another mare lies down and goes into labour the alarm will still activate!

Of course you get unlimited access to our fabulous web app. You can even give someone else your log in and have them watch too!

The Smart Foal kit comes with a 12 month warranty and free return shipping if repairs are needed during the warranty period. The velcro in the transmitter has no warranty.

If you would like us to set up your Smart Foal alarm with your WiFi credentials please mention it in the comments section during checkout.

Package does NOT include tablet/phone or laptop.

GST will be calculated at the checkout for Australian customers.

 There are two types of transmitters: "Long battery life" and "Cooperative". Cooperative are used in cases where a customer wants more than 1 transmitter turned on at any given time. The default transmitter that will be sent out is "cooperative" to ensure that it maintains maximum compatibility with the network in the event that you either sell it, or purchase more for your own network.

You can request either type by contacting us directly, or specifying which type you would like in the order notes.