Smart Foal will be closed from the 17th of Feb to the 24th of Feb. No orders will ship during this time. Please order at least 1 month before your mare is due. If you want express post CHOOSE express post during checkout. Do not write express post in order notes and expect it to do anything.

Premium App Features


We've finally created a new web dashboard and premium app features for both the web dashboard and the Android/iOS apps; and we'll be releasing more features in the future.

Web dashboard (base station):

  • Separate base station dashboard (doesn't look like a mare transmitter).
  • Shows ALL your mares activity at the same time.
  • Changes to RED and tells you which mare(s) are lying down.
  • Choose an alarm sound to be played by your tablet or laptop when a mare lies down.
  • The alarm will continue to sound until you acknowledge it (great for heavy sleepers).
  • Shows you WHEN the mare was lying down and for how long.
  • Shows you your WiFi connection strength.
  • You can now PAIR your devices. If your neighbour has a Smart Foal alarm you can simply pair your devices to your account. This will exclude your neighbours devices and prevent you receiving their alarms coming through to your phone.

Android/iOS (base station):

  • Shows you your WiFi connection strength.
  • Device pairing can be performed on the phone apps.

Android/iOS/Web dashboard (transmitter):

  • Shows you WHEN the mare was lying down and for how long.
  • New signal strength indicator so you know the quality of the signal from your mare to your base station.

You can subscribe for as long or as little as you want; or continue using the free version. Once you subscribe you can cancel at any time. Subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferrable. After you cancel your subscription you will continue having access to the Premium features of the app until the period for which you have prepaid lapses.

Switching to premium is a manual process. Please allow up to 8 hours for us to do the conversion for you.