Smart Foal will be closed from the 17th of Feb to the 24th of Feb. No orders will ship during this time. Please order at least 1 month before your mare is due. If you want express post CHOOSE express post during checkout. Do not write express post in order notes and expect it to do anything.

Old webapp shutdown, new app released.

Old webapp shutdown, new app released.

As we first advised in April 2022, it's time for our original webapp to close down. It has served us (fairly) well and it's finally time to move on to something bigger and better.

If you haven't already upgraded your existing base station to the latest firmware, please get in touch with our office and arrange your free upgrade (excluding postage).

support at smartfoal dot com.


Original notice: 

We have some very exciting news. After 4 false starts and 3 years of trying, we
have FINALLY have a new app (Apple and Anrdoid) The hold up was trying to get the new app compatible with the old hardware. Unfortunately we weren't able to do that and have had to make the very hard decision of changing the
firmware to be compatible with the new app and server.

What does this mean for you? If you purchased or received a base station from
the 1st of January 2022 onwards then your hardware is already compatible.

For everyone else you'll need to send your base station back to be
reprogrammed. We will of course offer this upgrade for free, the only charge
will be postage.

I only the the base station (BOX) NOT transmitters, wires, antennas or power.
If you don't use the current app and don't want to use the future app then you
don't need to do anything at all.

Please understand that this was a very difficult process and it was the only
possible way to get a scalable app that will keep Smart Foal going for many
years into the future.

The current app will continue to run until the end of December 2022. Please get in BEFORE foaling season starts as we will be very very busy.
Please print and fill in the linked repair request when you send your base station
back. Include your return address and the SERIAL number! so we can keep track of who owns what. The address to use is on the repair form.

Also, make sure your base station is CLEAN! I do not want anyone sending me a box filled with tarantula eggs! Check the screw holes and mounting holes on the front and back of all devices you send back.

If you know someone with a Smart Foal alarm who doesn't get onto Facebook
or check their emails, please let them know about the upgrade. We need to
warn as many people as possible about the change over before we run into
foaling season.


Repair request

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