Kerry Lynn Atherfold

The smart foal monitor is so awesome and such a great company to deal with. Setup was a breeze!

Melinda Strachan

Great alarm. Perfect size for my minis and isn’t huge and doesn’t hang off the halter like other alarms. It tracks your mares in real time as well as having a built-in hardware alarm that can be set to go off if they lay down or set it if you don’t have wifi. Great alarm. Would recommend to anyone.

Janita Edwards

Aimee has been absolutely fantastic to deal with especially for with me having a hard time about having the receiver away from the house after ten plus years of needing to with my old alarm lol. With 12 more mares to foal I am looking forward to having updates on my phone when away from the mare which is a great comfort with more and more daytime foalings happening. You dont realise how outdated your old technology is until to swap to something like Smart Foal.

Janelle Van Roon

The best alarm on the market!  Super affordable and so worth it for peace of mind. Nice being able to continue with daily life while keeping an eye on them away from home.

Joel Jacobsen

OK, where to start? Thank you Aimee for sending out my Smartfoal alarm in the first wave. It has proven itself and paid for itself already, as it alerted me in my house via the Smartfoal App, and in my mothers house via the hardware alarm, (both houses are a short distance from each other on the property). I was awakened by the “Laying Down” alarm on my computer which I had dimmed the screen. Scrambling for my laptop I checked which mare it was and raced out into the night to find my mum heading in my direction, (both in our pjs). We found the mare right at the beginning of foaling, getting up and down and finding the ‘right spot’ to do her thing.  I can’t thank you enough for creating something so special that really does help us through such a stressful time, and the accuracy is second to none as I’ve used other foaling alarms in the past with little success, and some of my horses have managed to foal without even setting them off. So from us here at Kierana Park we Love you….and our gorgeous new little filly thanks you too!

Alicia Roswall

My first foal born using the Smart Foal foaling alarm. Worked well & easy to use. Worked where my old alarm didn’t. Loved how I could monitor my mare on my phone without disturbing her as much.

Sonya McNamara

Without my new smartfoal Foaling alarm I am sure we would have lost both mare and foal. If I had not been able to see all the activity that Evie was doing before hand I would not have known she was in trouble. When Evie finally went down to foal, she was against the wall of the yard so she could not get her head down flat. The alarm let off a wee 1 second bleep then stopped however the data still showed that she was not happy so I went out to check her. Thank goodness I did, as the foal was well and truly stuck, and it took me a while to pull him out. Both mare and foal were exhausted and just lay there for ages. If I had my old alarm, it would never have gone off as she didn’t lay down flat, I can’t bare to think about how tragic this could have been. I highly recommend the Smartfoal alarm to anyone who has a mare in foal or even a horse with colic etc… as it gives you real time data 24/7.

Michelle Honey

After using two other brands of foaling alarms over the past 20 years I will say without hesitation Smart Foal alarms are the most reliable I have ever used. It is so easy to use and the after sale service you can get is just absolutely the best. So pleased we purchased this product thank you so much… highly recommend this alarm system above all others.

Crystal Alexander

Smart Foal gave me peace of mind and enabled me to keep my mare happier and more comfortable by providing live updates on her activities and comfort level. She was able to stay outside with her buddies until foaling was imminent, instead of locked in a stall or small run for weeks. That small change prevented edema, kept her active and peaceful, and lots of room to get baby into position for delivery. I feel this contributed to her very easy labor and quick delivery. Even though the foal was huge, we had zero issues. The live feed is entertaining and addictive, like watching a camera, except with alarms to guard against missing the big event and allowing watchers to get some rest. And I couldn’t ask for a better tech team on any foal alarm.

Tanya Thomas

This alarm worked brilliant for me, I will also be taking it to shows, so I can see from my float if my horse is sleeping, pacing or even cast and needs me now….I could even check what the mare was doing when I was at work, which saved me some anxiety.

Kayleen Badman

We have been using the Smart Foal alarm since December 2016. Before this time, we were using another brand which was becoming increasingly unreliable and seemed to encounter new problems every year. We had only owned the Smart Foal alarm for three days before it potentially saved the life of a mare and foal, as the foal presented with a leg caught back and I had trouble locating it and unlocking it so the birth could progress. Had we not been alerted to the birth via the Smart Foal alarm, we may not have been present and the outcome could have been devastating. We feel confident going into another foaling season using the Smart Foal alarm.  Plus, we love that the battery is rechargeable and lets you know when it’s low. Unlike other brands, there’s no replacing 9V batteries every week because you don’t know if they are still working 100% or not!

Melinda Strachan

Without the smart foal alarm I feel my foal would have suffocated, as he could not break the amniotic sack on his own, and as I was not expecting her to give birth so quickly I wouldn’t have been there with her.

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