How It Works

The Smart Foal System Is Easy To Use

The Smart Foal Alarm System is made for reliability, accuracy and stability.

Here’s how it works:

Foaling Alarm System Components

We’ve designed our system as an improvement on older outdated gadgets.

The Transmitter

Turn the transmitter on and mount it on your mare’s halter. The transmitter uses a radio wave to send information to the base station in your house. The range can be up to 600m in “ideal” conditions (cleared, flat, open, no buildings, trees or hills). A more realistic guide is 200 – 300m (with a few trees and maybe a small shelter near by).  Leather pouches for the transmitter are sold separately.

The Base Station

Put the base station in your house or beside your bed to get alarms. 

The Smart Foal base can detect lying flat AND lying sternal watching her rear end. It can also “chirp” if one of the transmitters goes out of range.

Receive Alerts While You’re Away From Home

Even when you’re out and about, the Smart Foal Alarm System sends alerts to your mobile phone.

Mobile Phone Messages & Alarms

The Smart Foal system is smart enough to alert you by sending alarms to your mobile phone. You can even choose the alarm tone – making it as loud or as quiet as you like. 

Smart Foal can help you understand what your mare is up to. Our real time web app is an easy to use interface that shows you how “active” your mare is.

How To Read Your Mare’s Activity

The simplicity of using the Smart Foal System is explained below

The Sleeping Mare

If your mare is sleeping the activity graph will look like this:

The graph is flat with very little movement.

Notice the green line on the pictured monitor just under the word ‘RESTING?’

Smart Foal makes foaling monitoring easy.

The Mare In Labour

This is a mare in labour. She have been getting up and down, pushing, adjusting, resting and setting the alarm off intermittently.  See what she has been doing for the past 10 minutes – which is very handy for determining exactly what she is up to. The coloured badge will change from RED to GREEN (OK) as she pushes and rests.

Disclaimer: Please note that the mobile phone and tablet pictured are not for sale. Rather, it is a demonstration of what can be seen using your own devices.

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