How it works

How it works (in simple terms)


Set up your Smart Foal account.


Connect to your WiFi network.


Mount the tracker on your mare.


Sit back and watch your mares activity.

The technology

The Tracker (transmitter)

Smart Foal has a tracker that attaches to the mare’s halter under the chin. This allows the tracker to be unobtrusive and easy for anyone to attach. There is no need to get an expensive vet to surgically suture the tracker in place.

The transmitter contains 3D motion sensing technology that captures your mares movements. This information then gets sent to the WiFi base station regularly so you are always updated.

The Wi-Fi Base Station

The WiFi Base Station batches up data from multiple mares and uploads it to the internet. If you don’t have internet or your WiFi drops out for some reason there is a hardware alarm included in the WiFi Base Station that will go off when your mare lies down. There is a switch for enabling/disabling the hardware alarm as you need it.

It has a USB cable and is powered by standard plug pack. It can also be powered by various devices with a USB output – such as a power bankĀ  – if you don’t/can’t run an extension cord.

The radio side of the Base Station has a range of up to 600m (see FAQ for more details of range). The WiFi side of the Base Station has a range of up to 50m – dependent on your WiFi router’s strength and location.

The App

The Smart Foal App is where the magic happens. The app is always processing all the data it receives looking for patterns.

The app is able to intelligently recognise many forms of discomfort for the mare, including lying down, rolling and pacing.

The app also shows you the remaining battery life in the transmitter and also has different alarms depending on what your mare is doing.

There is a temporary mute button on the app that allows you to silence the alarm if your mare is sleeping, once mares gets up the alarm automatically turns on again.