Gestation/Foaling Calculator

After Your Foal’s Birth

Now you are as prepared as you can be. You know what problems or symptoms to look for, the signs of foaling and what to put into your foaling kit, to help you for the big moment and you’ve also delivered your foal.

This is just the start. Now you need to monitor the foal.

The normal sequence of events are as follows:

  • 1 hour after being born the foal should be able to stand
  • 2 hours after being born the foal should be nursing
  • 3 hours after being born the placenta should pass

You then need to make sure your foal is able to pass urine and feces. If you see the foal straining to pass feces, it may be time to break out the enema.

The first couple of weeks of the foals life are the most precarious. The foal is born without an immune system and you need to monitor the foal.

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