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Foaling alarm comparison

Traditional foal alarms

How do we provide a fair comparison of foaling alarms when they all, seemingly, use different technologies? Well, we can group them in terms of functional difference observed by users.

Traditional alarms mostly contain a tilt switch or accelerometer that detects lying flat. Some detect “rolling” before sending a signal.
The unit then sends a signal to a receiving unit which, in turn, sets off a siren.

These systems are not very robust and frequently fail. Often the range is poor.

If the signal doesn’t make it back to the receiving unit – you will only find out when you find your new foal.

Battery life is generally 7 days.

Phone App

A phone app for foaling is essentially the same thing as the traditional foal alarm except it uses a phone as the sensor/transmitter and you receive the notifications on another phone. There are several variants of this design around.

Battery life is usually 1-5 days.

Stitched in alarms

There are some alarms that require the transmitter and magnets to be sewn into the mare’s vulva. When the foal’s feet protrude the magnets separate and set off the alarm. These are great for reducing false alarms but are costly to have a veterinarian sew them in place and then remove them.

Battery life is around 10 days.

How is Smart Foal different?

All of these technologies have something in common. They have ONE sensor (whether it is tilt, motion, sweat, magnets or rolling) and they wait for the sensor to be triggered.

At that point, they send a message either to a local siren, or a text message. You still have no idea if the alarm is legitimate or false; you don’t have any way to monitor your horse and you can’t use the alarm for anything other than labour.

With Smart Foal, ALL your mares data is available ALL of the time. You don’t have to wait for the alarm to go off to check on her. You can watch her actions in real time and you can tell from her activity level if she is sleeping or in labour.

Smart Foal is the only alarm designed with customers best interests at heart.

  • Waterproof and stomp proof transmitters are hard for us to repair, but easy for YOU to use.
  • We make web app updates happen automatically. You don’t need to install drivers/software or worry about compatibility.
  • We are constantly looking for new features to add – like a contraction detector! Who else can make that claim?
  • Battery life is up to 6 weeks (depending on the type of transmitter you have purchased). None of this 3-6 days nonsense. We know your time is valuable and double handling the mare to constantly recharge the battery is simply a waste, particularly if you have dozens or hundreds of mares.
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