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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Smart Foal on other animals?

Of course you can! The algorithms in the app are based on horses so they may not be completely useful. The alarm will go off primarily when the animal lies down so if you put a Smart Foal alarm on an animal that tends to lie down a lot then you will get a lot of alarms.

Do you offer Lay-Buy?

Yes we do.  The maximum repayment term is 6 months.
We also offer Zippay.

Is Smart Foal waterproof?

The transmitter is waterproof yes. The WiFi base station is not. This is because the built in hardware alarm would get completely dampened inside a sealed box so we had to make the decision to make the box un-waterproof.

Can I monitor more than one mare at a time?

Absolutely. We have had 20 – 30 running at once.

Do you offer a discount for multiple transmitters?

Yes we do. If you order 5 transmitters or more we can organise a discount. Please contact us directly to arrange the discount.

Can I get the alarm on my phone?

Yes you can. We use an app called Pushover to deliver customised alarms to your phone. Pushover charges a one-time fee of $4.99 USD to use it. After that it’s free.

Do I need WiFi for Smart Foal to work?

Well yes and no. The real benefit of Smart Foal is the App. To use the app you need to get your mares data to the internet – that will require some sort of internet connection. Generally I would suggest connecting Smart Foal to your home WiFi. If you don’t have the internet connected at home then another option is to use a broadband dongle with WiFi that can connect to the mobile phone network and provide the required internet connection. If you don’t have mobile phone coverage either then Smart Foal has a hardware alarm that operates independently from the app. It will work similarly to other foal alarms on the market but you will miss out on the benefits of the app and the future updates.

If, on the other hand, you have poor WiFi coverage outdoors, there are plenty of ways around that.
1. You could have the receiver close to the house where the WiFi is strongest
2. You could move your current WiFi router closer to a window facing your foaling yards
3. You could try using higher gain antennas
4. You could use a WiFi repeater. If you place it outside or near a window facing your yards it will greatly extend the WiFi range.

What is the range of the Smart Foal System?

In the absolute best case scenario you can get 600m – no trees, no hills, no buildings or machinery within 600m of the mares paddock. A more realistic idea of the range 200 – 300m with a standard number of buildings and a few trees.

Unfortunately range is dependent on terrain. When including a radio module in a device the radio manufacturer quotes a ‘typical range’. This is commonly what people will quote. What they don’t tell you is that the expected range is only valid when the transmitting radio and receiving radio are located 50m above the earth, in clear uninterrupted air, with direct line of sight and no sources of reflection within site of the radios. This is sometimes achievable with drones but little else.

What I would say is take the typical range and then halve it for every object that may cause a reflection near you and your mare. The radio module inside Smart Foal claims 1100m.

So if you are on a hill, halve the range: 550m.
If there are a few scattered trees, halve it again: 275m. (If you have dense trees, divide by 4: 137.5m.)
If you have a car, truck, float or machinery parked in near your mare, halve again: 137.5m.
If your mare is in stables, particularly with metal walls, halve again: 68.75m.

If you have all those obstacles you can see how the range quickly diminishes. If you happen to live on a football field that is perfectly flat with only grass between you and your mare then you can expect to get fantastic range, the rest of us need to be a bit more realistic.
This range indication is not just for Smart Foal but will apply equally easily to any other foal alarm. In fact it is a good rule of thumb for any device with a radio module in it.

Do you offer Zippay?

Yes we do. You can select it during checkout.

How do I look after my transmitters?

Completing a charge/discharge cycle 2-3 times throughout the year will maintain the condition of the battery. Simply turn the transmitter on (leaving the base station off) and allow the transmitter to run flat. Then recharge and store. This is particularly important if you have a year without any use at all.

This does not mean using it twice over foaling season. If you finish using the transmitters in October, you should charge/discharge them again in March, and possibly again in June.

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

As it turns out Smart Foal was well placed to cope with the COVID19 outbreak. We take care of manufacturing, sales and service onsite at our farm. The one big hurdle we are facing is delivery time. With everyone staying at home and ordering in, the entire global...

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