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How does Smart Foal compare to other alarms?

Traditional foal alarms

These alarms detect lying down and set off a siren in a receiving unit.

Smart Foal contains a siren in the WiFi base station that will go off when the mare lies down. So in that respect, it contains the same functionality.

On top of that, Smart Foal has an app that allows you to monitor your mare yourself. You can see if she is restless or agitated, pacing or lying down. The algorithms processing the data let you know if she is OK or if you should get ready for your new baby. You can see the remaining battery life and enable the alarms you want.

Having an app also enables Smart Foal to roll out improvements continuously. There is no need for different hardware or an upgrade, we can upload new code, features or updates remotely for everyone to enjoy. Our ultimate goal is to add a “predictivity” meter that gives you at least an hour notice before the foal is born.

Phone App

A phone app for foaling is essentially the same thing as the traditional foal alarm except it uses a phone as the sensor/transmitter and you receive the notifications on another phone. Again Smart Foal contains the same functionality and the big difference is the Smart Foal App. No other alarm conducts pattern recognition on the data or shows you your mares distress/activity level.
Using a phone as the sensor/transmitter means the battery life is a maximum of a few days and it relies on your foaling yards having 3G coverage or direct WiFi coverage.

Stitched in alarms

There are some alarms that require the transmitter and magnets to be sewn into the mare’s vulva. When the foal’s feet protrude the magnets separate and set off the alarm. These are great for reducing false alarms but are costly to have a veterinarian sew them in place.

Smart Foal attaches to the halter and doesn’t need to be sewn anywhere. As such Smart Foal doesn’t incur veterinary fees to be turned on.

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